Guidance Services

Guidance and Counseling is an integral part of education which aims in providing opportunities for all students to learn and develop to their fullest potentials. To help students understand themselves and at the same time help the parents, teachers and administrators understand the learners, the GUIDANCE CENTER of the university provides the following services;

  1. Individual Inventory Service – involves the acquisition, maintenance and safeguarding of individual records of students.
  2. Information Services – encompasses all information which are made available through bulletins, announcements, brochures, electronic media, orientation activities and trainings.
  3. Counseling Services – concerned with providing individual and group counseling to students who voluntarily visit the Guidance Center to seek assistance.
  4. Testing Service – includes the administration and interpretation of tests to assess the performance and personality of students.
  5. Placement Service – includes the establishment of job placement linkages with the different firms, agencies and others, providing maximum information on employment opportunities not only to graduating students but also to the non-graduating.
  6. Follow-up Service – concerned with what happens to students while in school and keeps track of them in finding out how many students fair in their chosen activity.