BISU Clarin R&D unit has seriously taken its role in the conduct of research programs to support the institutions vision to produce world-class and virtuous human resource that can compete in the corporate world. Some of the researches conducted are as follows:


  • Long term habitat assessment of Majigpit Marine Sanctuary, Clarin, Bohol
  • Characterization of fish catch using new look devices in Clarin, Bohol
  • Characterization of seagrass ecosystem in Municipal water of Clarin
  • Increasing the income of farmers in Bohol through the development of Cacao Industry
  • Awareness and Acceptance of Vision, Mission, Goals of Bohol Island State University and Objectives of Teacher Education Program
  • abstract-faculty performance


  • Long term water quality monitoring in Clarin Municipal Water
  • Countryside Heritage and Tourism Initiatives of Bohol: Implications to the Natural Heritage Program of the Localities
  • Grow-out Production of Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium Rosenbergii) in Mataub, Clarin, Bohol
  • Fattening of Mudrabs (Syclla Paramosain) in recycled containers in Brackish Fishponds

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