Online Enrollment Procedures for New Students

1. Visit Bohol Island State University – Clarin Campus Facebook page and see list of qualified applicants of your respective course/program.

2. When your name is in the list of qualified applicants, go to the Online Pre-Registration Form ( posted in the BISUClarin FB page.

3. Fill in all the information asked in the Online Pre-Registration Form and click “submit” button.

4. Wait for text message from BISU EDP Personnel for your log in credentials to online enrollment through ISMIS. This would take 2 to 3 working days.

5. After you receive your log in credentials, login to your ISMIS account at

6. Once logged in, click on the “Grades” tab on the menu, then select “Curriculum”. You will see a list of subjects under your curriculum, listed by year level and by semester. This will be your reference on what subjects you need to enroll.

7. After identifying the subjects you need to enroll in the curriculum view, click on the “Enrolment” tab on the menu, then select “Apply for Enrolment”.

8. On the “Application for Enrolment” view, click the “Subject Offerings” button.

9. Select a subject to enroll by clicking on the check box located at the left of the subject code. For courses with multiple sections, you will see multiple offerings of a certain subject; make sure you only select one offering of each subject, and all your selected subjects belong to same section. After you select your subjects, click the “Close Button” on the top right corner.

10. After closing the subject offerings list, you will see the “Application for Enrolment” view, with the list of subjects you selected. Click the “Submit Application for Enrolment” button at the top right corner, to complete your submission.

11. After submission, click on the “Grades” tab again, then select “Curriculum”. Subjects you’ve enrolled for the semester will appear blue, then, make sure that all the subjects in your year level for the 1st semester appear blue.

12. Wait for the approval of your enrollment. To check whether your enrolment is already approved, click on the “COR” tab on the menu to view your Certificate of Enrolment. Approved enrollment will have the label “Registered” with the date it was approved.